Integrated IT Infrastructure at the IARC Data Center

CyARC provides integrated services across data, high performance computing, and virtual machine infrastructures, allowing rapid instantiation of an IT solution to your custom research computing requirements.

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The IARC Data Archive is a long-term digital storage facility, and member node of the NSF supported DataONE federation of archives.
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Over 400 TB of capacity in 6 tape silos host data from nightly backups of workstations and servers.
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The CyARC Community Cluster fills the gap between workstations and supercomputers. Composed of 64-core AMD nodes, each owned by an individual researcher or group, it employs unique software developed in-house to build clusters on-the-fly, tailored for each job.
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A virtual machine is a complete server instantiated in software. Many virtual machines can run on the same physical host, and be migrated between different hosts to facilitate maintenance with no downtime. Hardware utilization is efficient, with significant energy savings. Virtual machines may also launch jobs on the cluster, allowing the development of custom computational web portals.
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When off-site, the VPN service provides an encrypted connection to the IARC network, making it appear as if you are on-site. This means security on open networks, and fast access to IARC/UAF file and software license servers (Adobe, compilers, IDL, Matlab, etc.), and printers.
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WebDAV is a protocol for implementing web folders that is OS independent. On Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, one typically has a folder on the desktop from which files may be dragged and dropped, with storage occuring on IARC hardware. In addition, read-only access is available through a password-protected web browser.
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