Virtual Machine Framework at the IARC Data Center (Cloud Computing)

A virtual machine is a complete server instantiated in software, running on a physical host called a 'hypervisor'. Multiple virtual machines may exist on a hypervisor, and while running may be live-migrated to a different hypervisor, allowing the original hypervisor to be taken down for maintenance with no downtime for the virtual machines. Hypervisors engender efficient hardware utilization, with significant energy savings, and form the backbone of 'cloud computing'.

Over 200 TB of raw disk storage is available to the IARC virtual framework via the Gluster filesystem and iSCSI disk connections, used by various Data Center components and researchers to provide file services via virtual machines serving FTP, NFS, and SMB.

In addition, Docker and OpenVZ containers may be run within a virtual machine, and properly configured virtual machines may launch HPC jobs, which run at lowest priority, and use the 10 Gb network for communication.

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